The IP address is considered as the default gateway for wireless routers and ADSL modems. This IP is also considered as the main IP address that a router can have. The IP is the default IP for the routers that are manufactured by Netgear or Linksys, etc. This IP is related to the classification class C of the IP addresses. This IP is originally for the settings of the router.


What can be possible with

Once the IP is entered into the browser a menu will be opened in which the user has to enter the username and the password. After getting to your administration board, the settings and the designs can be changed. After getting to, you can modify the username and secret key alongside default IP address from the administrator control board. The default setting can be changed from the control board such as username, secret key, and IP delivery to guarantee your remote systems administration security. Along these lines, not just in the area of your remote router, in the working environment, at home, bistros you can deal with your web.