This IP address is used by users as it gives them access to the internal settings of the routers and modems. When the IP address is entered into the browser we get the access to the internal settings of the router (a page router setting page will be opened).

From this page we can change the password, security systems etc. The IP is also a private default IP which is used for small networks. This IP belongs to the IP classification class C. One advantage of this IP is that we can reset the router from the page that opened when we entered the IP into the browser change and monitor the internet connection. And also there is no need of any internet connection to access the router page.

What can be done from IP

As we enter the IP into the browser, we have an electronic or the internal access of the router, and through which we can change the internal settings of the router which may include password setting, internet connection setting etc.

Signing into the router programming, security alternatives, arrange administration, security choices, IP QOS, DNS, Proxy, LAN, WAN, WLAN settings, DSL, DHCP customer, PPPOE, MAC, WPS and DSL to your IP address blocking and every single other modification, this can be achieved by logging.

How would I go to the address

With a specific end goal to accomplish your remote router’s user interface, enter the address into your browser. This will lead you to the internal settings of your browser and then you can have access to your wireless router or the wired modem.

Broadband router makers by and large permit clients to setup and design the router settings through their web programs. You simply need to interface the program to your PC and enter the default private IP address in the address bar of your program.

The default IP address is processing plant set and is typically starts with 192.168. A portion of the prevalent brands as given underneath utilize as their default private IP Address.

Some 3Com Office Connect routers

Netopia/Cayman Internet passages

Billion ADSL routers

Linksys SRW2024 oversaw routers

Westell modems for Bellsouth DSL Internet benefit in the U.S. Router Password:

Along with the default Private IP Address, these producers likewise set a default username and secret word. Clients are permitted to change these default secret key settings. Be that as it may, in the event that they overlook the changed administrator and secret key subtle elements, they can utilize the equipment reset catch to change every one of the settings to the default settings. In this procedure the secret word is likewise reset to the production line default esteem.

This IP, serves you to deal with your modem board. On account of this product and application clients from any web association issue when they experience their gadgets can access in a simple way and can have an opportunity to change by checking the settings. as a Default Router Address: is known as the private IP address and is an IPv4 address. The IP address is a default address for various modems, and routers. By logging in through this IP we can have the control over the router and then we can change various settings of the router by using this control.

Uses of IP:

The IP can be used as a gateway for accessing the interface of the router. We can also change and reset the password of the router by using IP. The problems in a router can also be resolved by using this IP. Hacking and unauthorized access can also be avoided when we are using IP.

Accessing web control of router:

To access the web control of the router, first you have to open your browser and then type the IP address that is in the address bar of the browser. After this you have to press the enter key. A popup menu will be opened which will ask you for your username and password. To check the default username and password you need to consult the menu of the router.

Could I change the IP of my router?

As the is a private IP address and this IP is installed in most of the routers therefore, we can change it to various other private IPs. This can be done by going to the web control of the router or the manual of the router. For the web control, you have to log into control panel of the router by typing the address of the router into the address bar of the window of the browser. Click on the LAN settings to change the address of the router.

Why is a private IP address? is considered as a private IP address as it falls in the range that is reserved as private by the IANA (Internet Assigned Number Authority). But the router originally has a public IP and the devices behind the router have private IP. In this way we can have a number of devices behind the router and the outsiders will only know one IP.