The is the IP address which some manufacturers use as a default address for the router itself. This IP is originally for the broadband routers and is widely used in homes.

Use to connect with the router:

We can connect the IP to with the router if the router is using the address on a local area. This can be done by logging into the control panel of the router from the browser by typing the IP address in the address bar of the browser and pressing the enter key.

Manufacturers using

We can make settings for any computer or any local network so that it can use the IP address.

As the IP address is consider as a private IPv4 therefore it cannot be connected to the router rather we will have to use the public address of the IP. As it is known that a router has a public IP but the devices connected behind it have private IP which means that the user only know the public IP and we can connect as many devices to the router as we need.