The IP address is used for the management of the wireless router and is also known as the router’s management panel address. We can also use this IP for security purposes. We can manage the router by using this IP as it is the management panel of the router. The default IP address of the router is or but we can change the default IP through the management panel of the router by using IP address.

What can you do with the IP address

To get approval enter the IP By going to the management panel we can change the settings of the router

Consequent choices, security, arrange management, QOS-IP, remote LAN settings, LAN, Wan, specialist, MAC, WPS, DSL, ADSL, from here you can make changes according to your need. It gives you the likelihood to charge your system association, in the range of the router, in the workplace or the school, bistro, and so on…

How to get to IP address?

It’s anything but difficult to log in to this IP address. You just have to enter the IP address that is in the browser and from there you can reset your router. The router can be reset by pressing the rest button on the router. is an IP address set as the default residential area a couple models of home broadband routers. It is a private IP address that can be relegated to any gadget on a nearby system designed to utilize this address go.

Using to Connect to a Router:

To connect to a router we need to login to the control panel of the router, to achieve this type the IP address into the browser and press the enter key. This will ask the user for the username and password. Then you can easily change the address of the router from other to the current IP that is This is not beneficial nor disadvantageous but some of the users find the number easier to remember.

Using for Local Clients:

We can also assign the IP address to other devices on the local area network rather than assigning to router. This assignment of IP address to other devices on LAN can be easily done dynamically that is by using DHCP and manually by using the static IP address. DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol which is a method in which the networks are automatically configured on the computer. The DHCP method can only be used if the configuration of the router is such that it includes the IP And for manual that is by using static IP address the network of the router must be set correctly.

How Works:

As the IP address is a private IPv4 address of a network, therefore, we cannot use it for connecting to router from outside. This IP address can only be used within the local area network. Regarding security we cannot differentiate this IP address from the other private IPs.

Issues with

This address and are effortlessly mistaken for each other. Home systems use 192.168.1.x tending to a great deal more frequently and 192.168.100.x moderately once in a while. This address should not be manually assigned to any of the devices especially when the device is belonging to the DHCP of the router, as a result of these conflicts on the IP address may occur. The conflicts of IP address means that one IP is assigned to two communications on a single network. Therefore only one device should be assigned this IP address that is