The Netgear router consists of a default password which is “password” and a default IP address. The default IP address of the Netgear router is or the IP address The performance of the Netgear is different from all other routers. That is its performance is matchless. The wireless products that are supplied by the Netgear are more reliable and secure. These devices that are provided by the Netgear are also easy to use and handle.

How to log in to Netgear router:

We can easily log into the Netgear router by simply entering the IP address or the IP address into the browser. If the login is failed after entering either of the IPs then you can go to the default address of the Netgear router that is www.routerlogin.com or there is another site through which we can login to the Netgear router that is routerlogin.net.

From these websites we can further enter our username and the password which will give us the access to our account. The name of the user and the password both are case sensitive, therefore, you should differ between the uppercase and lowercase letters.

How to change Netgear default router password:

The default password should be changed in order to maintain security. Consider the following steps to change the default password of the Netgear router:

  1. At first you have to connect to your wireless network
  2. Now open the browser installed in your system and enter the website routerlogin.com or routerlogin.net
  3. Press enter key
  4. A window will popped up this is the Netgear dialog box
  5. Now enter your username and the password, press the enter key and click on the Ok button.
  6. The manager window of the router will appear that will have many tabs including the setting tab
  7. Now choose the maintenance tab and select Set password from the menu.
  8. You have to type the old password, that is the default password and then type the new password.
  9. Now click on the Apply button. Your new password will be set.