The IP address is a wrong IP address; the valid IP is To deal with router we should type or into the browser. The IP address is also considered as the default IP address which is used by the routers like Netgear and D link.

What should be possible with

After signing into the address, you will enter into the organization or management panel. Security decisions, framework Organization: IP QOS, Security Options, Network Management, Proxy, Security Options, WAN settings DNS, LAN, WLAN, DHCP client, MAC, WPS, DSL, ADSL blocking and exchange alteration. Thus you wherever can associate with your router.

What will you do if username or password is forgotten?

If the password or username is forgotten, the router can be reset. At the back of the router we have a reset button which can be pressed by using a needle for 10 to 20 seconds to reset the router. Or is the default IP of numerous routers set by the manufacturers of the routers while we are arranging a remote router setting and our PC, we have to set them on a similar system.

Wireless router setup:

You can login by simply typing into the address bar of the browser and press the enter key. This will lead you to the interface of your router and then you will be able to deal with the settings of the router. What you have to do is to enter your username and the password and you will get access to the control panel or the management panel of your router.

After entering into the router interface, click on Setup wizard option which will make you enter the wizard interface of the configuration of the router. The wizard welcome screen for configuration will appear click on next and you will see more options. Choose the option according to your network for example if your network is ADSL choose second option and if your network is a cable one choose the first option.